Unhygienic Reboti Chat House ordered to close for 7-day

The Food Safety Department has issued a notice to the famous Reboti Chat House in Panbazar area on Saturday for failing to maintain the basic hygiene standard. The food safety department has further ordered to close the restaurant for seven days for proper renovation during this period.

During an inspection by the food safety department, “It has been found that the inside of the kitchen is not clean and has not sufficient space for movement. Also, the floor, ceiling, and walls are not maintained in a sound condition. The utensils and equipments are not maintained properly and are dirty,” said an official of the department.

“Water storage tanks are dirty and kept outside the premises in open area where contamination may likely to occur,” added the official.

Reboti Notice

The chat house is directed to take corrective measures within the period of 7 (seven) days.

It may be mentioned here that Reboti Chat House is one of the oldest Fast Food shops of Guwahati.

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