UPPL Confident Of Forming Govt In BTR


The high-stake Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) Elections has been seeing an expansive campaigning by all political bigwigs. With only one day left for campaigning, one of the most sought after parties – the United People’s Party Liberal (UUPPL) is present in Baksa district on Saturday to engage with the electorate.

The UPPL is fielding candidates across all seats in BTR.

Boro claimed that all ethnic communities have been supporting UPPL, “We will win in more than 30 seats and we are confident of forming a government”.

In conversation with the reporters of Pratidin Time, UPPL’S president Pramod Boro said, “Firstly, we will have to be coordinated and united amongst ourselves. Second, we should be able to provide security and the deserving rights to the people”.

Boro asserted that UPPL will provide land rights to the people of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) within six months of formation of their government.

“We will grant land rights within six months of the formation of the government,” adding, “We will work towards the need for equal development among all ethnic, indigenous and tribal communities”.

Boro said with the objective of equal development of all communities, 30 lakh people of the region will be moving towards a better planned and directed future.

The BTC election is scheduled to take place on December 7 and 10 across 40 constituencies, followed by the counting on December 12.

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