US Election 2020: Trump Claims Victory, Alleges “Fraud” In Elections


As results pour in from states across the United States with Democrat Joe Biden leading the race, Republican Donald Trump alleged “fraud” in the presidential elections, and declared himself the winner even as ballots continue to be counted.

“We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election.” The President called the process of counting mail-in ballots a fraud and alleged that the Democratic Party was trying to steal the election. He pledged to fight the results of the election in the Supreme Court.“ We will be going to the US supreme court. We want all voting to stop,” Trump said.

Joe Biden, during a speech in Delaware, said he felt comfortable about winning Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and added that the election is not over unless “every ballot is counted”.

“It ain’t over until every vote is counted, until every ballot is counted,” he asserted.

So far, Donald Trump is ahead in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia. Joe Biden on the other hand has taken leads in California, Washington, Illinois, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

From the states that have been called by the US media so far, Biden has secured 238 votes while Trump has won 213. A candidate needs 270 votes to win the US Presidency.

The mail-in ballots could however take days or weeks to be counted in some states, which means unless Biden or Trump bags a landslide victory, the final winner might not be declared today.

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