US-Taliban to have direct communication


In an attempt to end the 17 year long war with Afghanistan, the United States is mulling over the idea of joining in direct talks with Taliban. The possibility of the talks is in the early stage, US and Afghan officials said on Tuesday.

In the past, the Taliban had always insisted that they wanted to discuss peace terms with the United States, but the Western superpower stood firm in their position of letting the Afghan government deal with the same.

“There is renewed attention . . . but no clear negotiating strategy [and] no personnel to carry out real talks,” said an US official.

As the US troops deployed in the region could not break the conflict, US President Donald Trump approved this strategy of negotiation in 2017.

“I read this as a very positive development,” said Johnny Walsh, a senior expert at the US Institute of Peace and former lead adviser at the State Department on the Afghan peace process. “I think the administration is trying to take away, one by one, the Taliban’s excuses for not talking,” he added.



Featured Image: Reuters

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