USA Announces National Vaccine Distribution Plan

As countries across the world are locked in a race to find a vaccine for the COVID-19 contagion, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced the National Vaccine Distribution Plan of his administration that seeks to deliver the vaccine to all Americans swiftly and without any cost.

However, labeled as “the largest, fastest and most advanced vaccine distribution effort in American history by far”, the vaccine will initially be confined to health workers, people in vulnerable groups and other essential employees.

The plan, which has been developed by the departments of Health and Human Services and Defense, needs the states and localities are required to submit plans to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by October 16.

Moreover, it is expected that the vaccine – that will be given 21 to 28 days apart in two doses – will be delivered swiftly within 24 hours after an emergency use authorisation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  

It must be noted that the US is the worst-hit country by the pandemic with more than 6.8 million COVID-19 cases. POTUS himself didn’t take the matter seriously in the initial days, often brushing aside the gravity of the contagion.

It was only when his flippant attitude came under widespread flak that he started taking note of the health crisis.

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