Villagers boycott polls, arrange feast in Barhampur

Indian elections are a fertile ground for some extraordinary stories, stories that surprise, elate and sometimes, disappoint. And, the current Assam Panchayat election, which began from this morning with voting being held for the first phase of its two-part polls, is no different.

Some thousand-odd voters of Tetelisara in Barhampur has decided to boycott this panchayat election and arranged a public feast at the village. The residents are upset over the lack of basic amenities in their village.

Among their chief complaints is lack of water and no proper roads in their village. The villagers are also upset over irregular supply of electricity, the three utilities making a troika that often forms the basis of most parties’ poll promises.

Interestingly enough, the voters of Tetelisara are not just upset over the lack of amenities but also because, they claim, nobody either from the Congress, AGP or the BJP visited the village to listen to their problems.

“No votes if we don’t get services” one villager said as another one challenged politicians to come to their village and show what “development” has happened there.

The polling centre wore a deserted look as villagers decided to boycott the election.

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