What an innings! Onion price hits century


Onions are selling at prices ranging from Rs 90 to Rs 100 per kilo in several parts of Assam, including Guwahati — part of a nationwide surge that is a growing concern for the state government. Retailers and wholesalers warn it could get worse.

“Earlier I used to buy four kilos,” a consumer said. “But now it has reduced to one kilo.”

Hirak, who lives in Guwahati, also said he had reduced his consumption: to less than a kilo, from two or three.

“The quality of onions being sold for Rs 80 per kilo isn’t good. The good quality onions are selling at the price of Rs. 100 per kilo.” Consumer claimed.

One wholesaler pointed to another problem: tons of onions are found to be rotten, which hits businessmen’s pockets hard.

Meanwhile, Assam civil supplies and consumer affairs minister Phani Bhushan Choudhury had declined the media reports that onions are selling at prices ranging from Rs 90 to Rs 100 per kilo. In the tussle between Food and Civil Supplies department and the retailers/wholesalers, it’s the common man who pays the price.

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