What can happen in RS today?

Top 15 developments

  1. Citizenship will lapse if no RS nod today
  2. RS has to pass Interim Budget and debate on President’s Speech
  3. Attempt to extend RS session not succeeded yet
  4. Home Minister offers CAB without North East
  5. Home Minister’s indirect offer rejected by Opposition
  6. Meghalaya CN Conrad Sangma plays pivotal role
  7. Five of seven NE CMs formally informs HM their opposition
  8. Assam & Tripura supports CAB
  9. Manipur,Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal oppose
  10. Anti India protest spreads in Mizoram, panic in Delhi
  11. Manipur remains boiling, internet cut off
  12. Manipur and Nagaland govt in trouble, NPP may pull the plug
  13. Assam ready to explode, exams holing back agitation
  14. Assam ministers trying to buy MPs
  15. BPF MP Rabiram Narzary may oppose CAB
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