What Did Modi Say In Gohpur?

"I won’t claim that I have fulfilled all the promises I made; but I worked towards achieving them dedicatedly" : Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his campaign for Lok Sabha Elections in Assam on Saturday by addressing public rally in Moran and Gohpur.

After taking part in Moran’s huge gathering, the PM took part in a election campaign for Tezpur BJP nominee Pallab Lochan Das and Lakhimpur BJP Candidate Pradan Baruah. The meeting has been organised at Barani Pathar in Gohpur.

Here are the highlights from PM Modi’s addresses in Gohpur:
  • I won’t claim that I have fulfilled all the promises I made; but I worked towards achieving them dedicatedly. When you go to caste your vote on 11th April, please remember who can free Assam from intruders and terrorist. One side Dumdaar and other side Dagdaar. Please choose wisely. Today, there is a strong watchman and on the other side there are the great adulterants : Modi 

  • If you look at the past and present of the people who are committing great adulteration, you will find that if they come back from the wrong, they will throw down Assam in the Troubles: Modi
  • Young people here find out from their older men how the Congress has duped Assam every time, betrayed, the confidence of the Assamese population. Is it not a fact that if Sardar Patel was not a revered Gopinath Bordoloi, Assam would not have identified what it is today: PM
  • India has changed now, the whole world is standing with India, every step of ours is being appreciated. But the great adulterant in our house is not ready to join in this glorious thing: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
  • The people are protesting against the Watchmen and today they oppose India: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi
  • The interests of Assam and India can only be the people in whose heart Assam and India Dwell: PM
  • Whether from intruders and terrorists or from touts and corrupt agents. Your watchman is standing up. What is happening to those who cheat India and the people who loot India, you are watching in the media on the day: Modi
  • Even for those who work in tea plantations, our government is working with full sympathy. For the tea garden mates, we have prepared the PM’s shram Yogi Mann Dhan Yojana: Modi
  • It is the watchman who can protect the interest and dignity of Assam. The watchman is the person you believe but is in awe: Modi
  • Today, Assam has ensured a cure of Rs. 5 lakhs. The poor are getting Pucca houses, poor sisters are getting gas connections and small farmers are getting 6000 rupees every year: Narendra Modi
  • Along with the poor and the farmers, there is a network of roads being laid in the villages. Our Government has approved the creation of five new bridges over Brahmaputra: Narendra Modi
  • The great children of here, Lalit Borphokan, made a point. That no uncle is bigger than the country. But for the Congress, every uncle is bigger than the country’s interest, which gives them his selfish interests: Modi
  • On the 11th of April, you have the opportunity to strengthen the watchmen and give a strong message to the touts and intruders in the country: Modi
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