WhatsApp suggest ways to curb menace of fake news


At a time when the menace of ‘fake news’ has created panic across India, WhatsApp has suggested ways to combat the same. In a list of tips, WhatsApp has announced that they are rolling out a new feature which lets users distinguish forwarded messages.

Through the new feature, users can double check facts in case they are not sure who wrote the original message. If the information seems unbelievable, the users should look at other news websites to check its authenticity.

Earlier this month, Facebook Inc, Whatsapp’s parent firm, in a letter to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had said that curbing the spread of fake messages through its platform is a challenge that requires partnership of the company, government as well as society.

The company’s reply came after the ministry had issued a warning to WhatsApp in the wake of killings taking place across the country based on rumours and fake news.

(With inputs from ANI)

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