Who killed Junu Sharma?


Who killed Junu Sharma? As the Assam Police have launched a full scale investigation, they have made sure that all possibilities are open.

“Yes were investigating the bank matters but investigation is not confined to bank only and we are keeping our eyes wide open as are determined to crack the case soon” said a top ranking officer of Assam Police overseeing the investigation.

The Police have allowed the Driver Pranab Kalita to go home as they do not suspect to be involved with the crime. “By arresting him we do not want to create an eye wash and hence we have released him. If we need, we will call him” said the source.

What baffled the policemen is the clinical finish of the killings. “The shooter was so confident of the kill that he did not bother to go for a confirmatory shot. The bullet was fired just 6 inch from the neck. First the window was broken with the butt of the pistol and then shot her through neck. We have recovered the bullet and it is a 9mm pistol.

The theory of bank loan related killing was not making any headway. Firstly she was not involved with the loan section and secondly Bank runs on a system and individual hardly matter.

“Junu Sharma’s presence or non presence shall not determine the future of the bank loan” said the source hoping that very shortly the case would be cracked.

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