Wild elephant causes terror in Silapathar and Rongjuli


Wild elephants have been creating terror among the locals of the Rongjuli since the last few days.

As the evening comes, more than hundreds of wild elephant come down from the forest and creates terror in the Rongjuli region.

On the other hand, wild elephant terror has been creating terror in Silapathar also. After the attack of the insects, now the wild elephants have been destroying bighas of paddy fields.

Reportedly, due to the terror of the wild elephants, the locals of the villages have to pass sleepless nights. Moreover, due to the attack of the wild elephant, a few people have to lose their lives in the last days. Panic has been seen among the locals in these days.

The wild elephants destroy the households, repository, and paddy fields in these regions.  It has been alleged that, despite knowing the whole situation in Silapathar and Rongjuli, the Forest department has not taken any step to solve the problem permanently and they are now demanding for the proper subsidy from govt.

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