Woman finds husband on TikTok after 3 years


In a bizarre incident, a Tamil Nadu woman found her husband in a video on TikTok application after three years. According to reports, the man went missing three years ago and the woman found him after she saw him with a transgender woman in a video on TikTok.

The incident took place in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. Jayapradha and Suresh were married and had two children. In 2016, Suresh left home for work and did not return. Jayapradha, however, filed a police complaint regarding Suresh’s missing.

After recognizing the man in the video as her husband, she rushed to the Villupuram police station and alerted the officials. The police then traced Suresh to Hosur. After the police located the man with the help of the video, he revealed he left home as he wasn’t happy there and had been living with his mother in Hosur after disappearing from Villupuram.

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