Woman surrenders after stabbing husband to death


A woman stabbed her husband to death at Majgaon, Dhalpur in Lakhimpur on Tuesday night.

Guneshwari Borkataky, who is in her early forties has beheaded her husband and the wrapped severed head has been taken to police station where she surrendered. She alleged that she has been tortured by her husband Buddhiram Borkataky for which she have to kill her husband.

Surrendering in front of police, she said that she had no other choice than to kill her husband as she has been suffering from domestic violence. “He often came home drunk and tortured me everyday. Yesterday also he came to kill me and in an act of self-defence I have to kill him,” said Guneshwari.

“I have surrendered in front of police and I am ready to face any kind of punishment,” added Guneshwari.

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