40 ICU Beds Ready For Children in GMCH: Dr. Abhijit Sarma

The Superintendent of Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Dr Abhijit Sarma on Wednesday said that 40 special ICU beds have been made ready at the GMCH for the children who are infected by Covid-19.

Dr Abhijit Sarma said, “135 children have been admitted in GMCH since April who tested positive of Covid-19.”

“Presently, 9 children are admitted in GMCH under emergency care,” added Dr Abhijit Sarma.

Dr Abhijit Sarma also informed that no children have been allowed to stay under home isolation.

He requested that parents to stay alert and take care of their children to stay inside the home at this time of crisis.

Further, the Superintendent also made some statements on the Japanese Encephalitis in Guwahati.

Meanwhile, the first patient of Japanese Encephalitis has been admitted in GMCH. The patient has been admitted in the hospital since 26th of June and is 11 year old.

As informed by Dr Abhijit Sarma, the patient was suffering from diarrhea, fever and headache.

Fortunately, under the medical care of Dr Gautam Medhi, the patient is now feeling better and healthy.

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