About Pratidin Time 

Pratidin Time Digital is an English-language news media portal that caters to the English audience in Assam, Northeast, and the entire nation. Starting in 2018, it is one of the most widely followed media houses in the Northeast and has a presence amongst the youth and elderly alike.

Pratidin Time Digital has garnered a reputation for its fierce and unbiased journalism, taking up issues that affect the society. Pratidin Time has always kept the interest of the people at the forefront of its motives and strives to make the voices of the voiceless heard. The content on the portal range from politics, sports, administration, and issues of national and international relevance, to topics like business, health, technology, education, lifestyle, etc.

The digital arm of the media house also has a notable presence on social media, allowing it to reach far and wide to connect with the people of the land, highlight their problems and bring in discussion from policymakers to solve them. Pratidin Time Digital is a part of the Pratidin Media Network that also publishes Asomiya Pratidin, Sadin, Nandini, Satsori and runs Pratidin Time news channel. The network comes under the parent organization Sadin-Pratidin Group which was established in the year 1988 by Shri Jayanta Baruah. Mr. Baruah, the grandson of Hemchandra Baruah, known for compiling the first Assamese dictionary Hemkosh, founded the media group with the sole aim of serving the people.

Mr. Rishi Baruah is the current Chief Managing Director at Pratidin Media Network, while Mrs. Smitakshi B. Goswami is the Managing Director. Over the years, several eminent journalists including the likes of late Tilak Hazarika, late Parag Kumar Das, and late Homen Borgohain have worked for the media house.

Senior journalists like Prakash Mahanta, Mrinal Talukdar, and Nitumoni Saikia continue to be associated with the group in various capacities.


Sadin was established in 1989 as a weekly tabloid that covers news, views, information, and entertainment from Assam. It is also available online and covers local, national, and international issues along with politics and several other segments. Sadin was conceptualized in 1988 with literary enthusiast Vipul Mahanta, senior journalist late Tilak Hazarika, and Jayanta Baruah with the aim to cater to the people with news focusing on socio-political issues. 

Asomiya Pratidin:

Asomiya Pratidin is an Assamese language daily published under the Sadin-Pratidin Group. It was established in 1995. Asomiya Pratidin was once led by martyred radical journalist and human rights activist Parag Kumar Das, who served as the chief editor of the newspaper. Asomiya Pratidin has four editions printed from Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Bongaigaon, and North Lakhimpur. In 2008, Asomiya Pratidin entered the Limca Book of Records as one of the most widely circulated regional language newspapers in Assam. 


Nandini is a monthly women’s magazine, which is published by the Jayanta Baruah-led Sadin-Pratidin Group. It was established in the year 2000. Maini Mahanta is the editor of the magazine.


Satsori was established in 2005 as a literary magazine under the leadership of founding editor, late Homen Borgohain. The present editor of Satsori is renowned Assamese journalist and author Anuradha Sharma Pujari.

Patidin Time:

Pratidin Time was started in 2015 as a television news channel covering issues from across Assam and the Northeast. Pratidin Time covers topics including politics, sports, culture, and issues of national and international importance. The programs on the channel range from talk shows to analysis and infotainment. Noted journalists including Nitumoni Saikia and Mrinal Talukdar are associated with it.

With a young and energetic team at the Digital Desk, the media house aims to bridge boundaries, going beyond acknowledging and examining the seen and unseen that exist, working constructively with the differences that are thus brought to light so as to narrow down the information gap and bring impactful, relevant, and important news to its readers at a fast pace. In the digital space, Pratidin Time stands to take up issues of the people and bring them to the mainstream for visible change.

Pratidin Time