Army Actively Involved At Baghjan OIL Well Site

Efforts are on to douse the fire at Baghjan 5 OIL well site. Oil India Limited (OIL) and ONGC have started an operation to douse the flame of Baghjan well by pumping out water.

The OIL and ONGC have today set up few more pumps to spray water to douse the flame. Moreover, the Army is actively engaged and extending its support for maintenance of plinth and the approach road at Baghjan-5.  

Efforts are also underway to bring an artificial stream of water close to the inferno.

At the same time, the waste materials are being shifted from where they were before. Other supportive instruments and machineries were instead installed there.

The force of Army, Paramilitary, SDRF and NDRF, as per sources, has been increased. These forces are actively engaged in the damage-control operations at Baghjan. This stepping up of the forces has come in light of the public protests going on at Baghjan EPS.

Moreover, the sporadic showers continued to be a spoilsport and have hindered the work in progress to some degree.

As per sources, the aim is to eventually seal the OIL well after dousing the fire.

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Army extending it help
Army is actively involved
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Another image from the site

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