Assam Polls | Act Decisively: Priyanka to EC after EVM Found on BJP candidate’s Car

Assam Polls | Act Decisively: Priyanka to EC after EVM Found on BJP candidate’s Car

Hours after the second phase of Assam Assembly polls concluded on Thursday, a video went viral on social media which allegedly showed the EVMs in the car of Patharkandi BJP candidate Krishnendu Paul.

The video went viral after it was tweeted by senior journalist Atanu Bhuyan who mentioned that the situation is tense in Patharkandi following the incident.

Soon after the video goes viral in social media, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi slammed the BJP over the incident and asked the Election Commission to act decisively. She also demanded re-evaluation of the use of EVM by all the national parties.

Gandhi in her tweet said, "Every time there is an election videos of private vehicles caught transporting EVM's show up. Unsurprisingly they have the following things in common:

1. The vehicles usually belong to BJP candidates or their associates.

2. The videos are taken as one off incidents and dismissed as aberrations

3. The BJP uses its media machinery to accuse those who exposed the videos as sore losers."

The fact is that too many such incidents are being reported and nothing is being done about them. The EC needs to start acting decisively on these complaints and a serious re-evaluation of the use of EVM's needs to be carried out by all national parties, she said.

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