Assam Polls: 3rd Phase Campaigning To End on Sunday


The campaign for the third phase of the Assam Assembly elections will come to an end on Sunday (April 4) at 6 pm, 48 hours prior to the date of polling which will take place on April 6. This was informed by the Election Commission through a notification.

The election authority has banned any kind of poll rallies, processions, display of election matters by means of a cinematograph or similar apparatus after the prescribed time. It also prohibits the propagation of any election matter to the public by holding musical concerts, theatrical performances or other entertainment programs to attract the public in any polling area during the period of 48 hours.

Within this period, no result of exit or opinion polls should be published, publicized or disseminated in any manner by print, electronic or other media platforms, said the authority adding that the ban would continue till voting in a single phase, or multiple phases and in all the States where the election commission notified election is over.

The polling for the third phase will be held in 40 constituencies.

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