Assam: Ranoj Pegu Proposes For 20% Increase In Seat Capacity In Colleges

Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu on Wednesday said that he has sent proposal to increase 20 percent seat capacity in colleges of Assam.

“HSLC, HS passing rate is higher this time,” said Education Minister Ranoj Pegu.

He said that students will have to register for seats at Universities and Colleges online through provided links of specific web portals.

Government, private, venture should all register,” said Ranoj Pegu

The education minister further informed that there will be 5 options to choose among colleges to enrol for the students.

Students book more seats which block seats for other students, said Ranoj Pegu.

While applying online, students can only select one college, added Pegu.

Education Minister Ranoj Pegu said that a proposal has been sent for the increase of seats in colleges by 20 per cent.

“Those who have passed out with good marks will definitely get seat in the colleges, we will ensure that,” said Ranoj Pegu.

He further stated that a special test will be conducted for those who are not satisfied with their HS results this year.

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