Assam Sprinter Amlan Borgohain’s Splendid Performance Towards Glory

Assam Sprinter Amlan Borgohain proved to be the new athletic star from India as well as Assam after his perfectly splendid performance at the 60th National Open Athletics Championship in Warrangal, Telangana on Sunday.

The whole journey of Amlan in the National Open Championship was something where he proved to be his best performance with extremely commendable efforts.

He successfully emerged as a champion on the final day of the 60th National Open Athletics Championships on Sunday.

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Athlete Amlan Borgohain clocked a sensational time of 20.75 seconds to win the men’s 200m final on Sunday.

Two days prior to the final, Alman has also shown great efforts and splendid performance after clinching silver at the men’s 100m final in 10.38 seconds.

It needs to be mentioned that Amlan has placed his name in the history of Indian athletes with this new record where it has been only Muhammed Anas Yahia (20.63), Dharambir Singh (20.66), Arokia Rajiv (20.66) and Anil Kumar (20.73) who have run a faster time over the distance in the history of Indian athletics.

The 20.75 second sensational timing was not only the first time that Amlan finished his run inside the 21 second clock ticking, but have also set a new meet record.

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Amlan Borgohain have shown extremely commendable efforts and performance in both the two tough events of the 60th National Open Championship and shone himself bright and sparkly in the field of athletics in India.

23-year-old Amlan Borgohain, has been living in Hyderabad since 2014. He was running his first 200m competition at the national level in 20 months on Sunday in Warrangal, Telangana.

Amlan burst out of the blocks and sped ahead of the pack to break the beam in 20.75 seconds last night.

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