10 Lakh Employees To Lose Job in Automobile Sector

10 Lakh Employees To Lose Job in Automobile Sector

At a time when the Narendra Modi-led Government in the Centre has assured to grow the country's economy by 3 trillion dollar and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has given a ray of hope to the investors of the private sector, but it has seen that the economy has broken down in 50 days of the formation of the BJP government for the second term.

The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association ofIndia (ACMA) which represents the auto component industry that alone employsaround 5 million people, sought a uniform GST of 18 percent for the entireautomobile sector in order to revive the vertical which has now witnessed 10months of continuous decline in sales.

The ACMA, while considering the fact that the autocomponent industry grows on the back of the vehicle industry, a current 15-20percent cut in vehicle production has led to a crisis-like situation and thatif the trend continues, the layoffs are inevitable and an estimated 10 lakhpeople could lose their jobs.

The investors of the automobile industry have to facea loss of 12 lakh crore in the share market and their expectation has turnedinto desperation. It may also be mentioned that even the economic development ofthe country has been reduced.

ACMA President Ram Venkataramani, however, said that vehicle sales in all segments have continued to plummet for the last several months thus impacting the component segment as well. He said that in the components industry, nearly 70 percent of the workforce is contract workers and whenever there is a demand slump, there is a reduction in workers.

He said that the industry needs urgent governmentintervention and that they strongly recommend that the government bring 18percent GST rate across the entire auto and auto component sector.

Venkataramani also said that in the first three monthsof current financial year, i.e. from April- June, 18.4 percent of sale of carshave been reduced and that the reduction of sale of cars in this three monthsis less in the last eighteen years.

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