9 AM Tea Celebrates 200 Years of Assam Tea with Mega Offer & Free Christmas Tea Party

Flagship store t-amour announced a Mega Offer on Flavoured Tea till Magh Bihu
9 AM Tea Celebrates 200 Years of Assam Tea with Mega Offer & Free Christmas Tea Party
9 AM Tea Celebrates 200 Years of Assam Tea with Mega Offer & Free Christmas Tea Party

The bicentennial year of Assam Tea was marked -in a grand manner by '9 AM Tea' by announcing Mega Offer for their customers.

'9 AM Tea' franchise store t-amour organized a Free Christmas Tea Party to promote Assam Tea Globally at the Ambari Store in Guwahati.

On this occasion, a large number of people participated in the Free Christmas Tea Party and enjoyed different varieties of Assam tea. Not only the local people but also the people from outside states sipped the ultimate taste of Assam Tea.

Rupesh Khakholia, founder of '9AM Tea', said, “Many types of parties are often organized during the festive season. But with a new initiative and new concept, keeping in mind the completion of 200 years of Assam Tea, we organized a Free Christmas Tea Party, so that the tourists coming for the holidays could sip Assam Tea. During the day-long Free Christmas Tea party, a large number of people enjoyed Lemon Black Tea, Ginger Black Tea, Chamomile Green Tea, Kulhaar Masala Tea along with cookies offered by us. He further said on the occasion of bicentennial year of Assam Tea, '9AM Tea's franchise store t-amour is offering up to 40% mega discount on Flavored Tea of Assam. This discount will continue till Magh Bihu January 14, 2024.”

Khakholia also mentioned that their main objective behind this event is to take Assam Tea to the world stage.

He said that '9 AM Tea' is a leading tea company of the state which is famous for its premium Tea blends.

“With our commitment to provide a delightful experience of Assam Tea, we launched our first franchise store t-amour earlier this year. Our main objective behind opening this flagship franchise store is to provide the best quality Tea of Assam to the Tourists coming from outside. Our franchise store offers a wide variety of teas ranging from delicate white tea to strong black tea, aromatic green tea to refreshing herbal infusions. Our tea is grown using sustainable farming methods, ensuring that each cup of '9 AM Tea' is a testament to our dedication to quality and environmental responsibility,” added the founder.

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