Facebook to launch Portal TV Device

Facebook to launch Portal TV Device

Facebook is currently working on a TV streaming device like Amazon's fire stick which provides access to online content. The new device would be featuring a microphone, speaker, camera, and video chatting with TV viewing. Company has recently approached Disney, Netflix, and HBO for adding their content to this device.

Previous reports have indicated that the device will be adjusted on the TV top so that it can cover a room for video chat. And far-field microphones will be available in the device so that the user can chat from every corner of the room. Facebook's hardware efforts are largely based on customized versions of Google's Android operating system.

Facebook is trying hard to keep Portal TV device news secret. Company has avoided the fate of competitors like Google and Apple, whose hardware products regularly leak on social media before their official announcement. The smart camera-enabled device is also powered by Amazon's voice assistant Alexa and comes with front cameras.

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