#TollGates-Assam to have nine

#TollGates-Assam to have nine

Assam will have altogether nine toll gates in its East-West corridor stretch as the NHAI is going ahead with full implementation while natural resistance is growing.

Butboth state government and the NHAI are determined that they would not back offlike past as they needed money to maintain the road.

Already the Raha and Nazirakhat(Sonapur), Bijni toll gates are operational and other five gates are on various stages of implementation .

"We have spent Rs 11,000 crore to build this 600 odd kilometre and we plan to collect Rs 217 crore per year as toll tax," said Mr Alok Kumar, regional head of the NHAI.

FromSrirampur to Dima Hasao here are the toll gates

Kachugaon, Patgaon ( Kokrajhar), Dahalpar (Bijni), Nathkuchi(Pathsala), Madanpur(Changsari) Nazairakhat(Sonapur), Raha, Mikirati , Lanka Menderisa, Dima Hasao

However, this has been opposed by various organization.  "We know that toll tax are necessary but do it only after completion as many stretches it yet to be completed and hence I oppose it," said Mr. Kamal Medhi, the Congress spokesman.

TheNational Highways Authority of India has been entrusted with the ambitiousproject for widening and strengthening National Highways is the North Eastcovering a stretch of 637 Km out of which 625 Km of road has been completedincurring an expenditure of about Rs 11,000 Crore.

As per Govt. of India rules the completed sections is to be put on commercial operations for revenue generation which shall be utilized for the maintenance and other developmental works.

"As per Govt. of India Gazette notification dated 05.12.2008 the Central Government may by notification, levy fee for use of any section of the national highway, permanent bridge, bypass or tunnel forming part of national highway and the collection of fee shall commence within 45 days from the date of completion of the section of the national highway, bridge, bypass or tunnel constructed through a public-funded project. Toll plaza may be established within a distance of 60 Km from another toll plaza", said Mr Kumar.

"Accordinglyin the completed stretches between Rakhaldubi to Kaljhar section and betweenJagiroad to Nagaon section Tolling operations started at Dahalapara and Raha inthe year 2015 and again at Raha in 2018, but due to public agitation thetolling operations could not continue for long. In the meantime, the completedsection of the Highways got deteriorated due to non-maintenance"  he said.

Asvarious pressure groups have started protesting again Mr Kumar said that therewould be no toll tax for 2-3 wheeler and for the people living within the vicinitythere is a Rs 250 monthly pass.

After several meetings held with the State Government and lastly in the meeting held on August 2019 the State Government has consented to allow NHAI for tolling subject to maintenance of completed stretches. NHAI agreed accordingly started the maintenance of the completed stretches with works awarded to the tune of Rs 165 Crores and proposed tolling at 7 locations. Two are held back as some works are going on there.

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