WhatsApp spying you!

WhatsApp spying you!

Youlike millions of others are happily using Whatsapp under an impression thatyour message could not be cracked or tracked by anyone.

No. It is a spying tool now and none other than the Whatsapp themselves had gone to court alleging that the Israeli surveillance company NSO of helping governments across the world to hack into the mobile devices.

That means Big Brother is watching you over Whatsapp and you cannot do anything without their knowledge. The Whatsapp said that this was unethical but the Israeli Organization said that they were just helping the government to fight terrorism.

TheWhatsApp alleged that the Israeli Organisations helped government agenciesdeliver malicious software, which seemingly looked like harmless video calls.  It targets the phone even if you neveranswered the video call.

The malware then intercepts communications, steal photos and other forms of data, activate microphones and cameras, and track the locations of targets and more.

Themessaging service WhatsApp filed suit in US federal court against the Israelisurveillance company NSO, claiming it acted illegally in helping governmentshack into the mobile devices of more than 100 people worldwide, includingjournalists, human rights workers and women who had been the subject of onlineattacks.

Targets,which also included religious figures and lawyers, were identified in 20countries, according to the WhatsApp lawsuit.

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