Bangladeshi people come to Assam regularly: National Hindu Mahasabha


People of Bangladesh have been immigrating to Assam regularly.

It’s not our allegation. The shocking information has come to light after the comment of Gobindra Ch. Pramanik, the Director of National Hindu Mahasabha in Bangladesh.

As per reports, 635 of Bangladeshi people, use to immigrate to Assam daily. He added, Assam is not only the main target of the Bangladeshis. Bangladeshis use to enter illegally in various states across the country like, west Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Chhattisgarh and even Andaman & Nicobar island too.

Commenting on NRC he said, the numbers of people, who have been excluded from NRC, are in doubt, whether they are really Bangladeshis or not. He told if the immigration continues like this, then it’s sure that Bangladesh will remain zero Hindu population across the country.

Pramanik requested the Indian Govt not to use the illegal immigrants as their vote bank. Instead of doing so, he requested both the government to sit for a discussion in this regard.

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