Book Shops in Kamrup (M) Shuts Down Again


The book shops in Guwahati which was opened on Wednesday as per the instruction of the Assam government but it was closed again as the Central government will impose new guidelines to the bookstalls.

A notification in this regard stated, “In pursuance of the notification issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs Book Shops/ Stalls of the Kamrup Metropolitan District who deals with curriculum books for students only are allowed to operate from today with following conditions. 

1. They will deal with curriculum books for students only. 

2. Primarily they will arrange for home delivery of books. 

3. In the case of nearby guardians who want to collect books from the book shops/stalls without using vehicles, they may collect books from the book shops. 

4. No passes will be issued to any Individual/parents for the collection of books from the book Shops/Stalls. 

5. Wearing of masks by the employees, sanitization facility and social distancing at bookstalls are a must. 

6. Book Shops/Stalls are allowed to open in between 10-00 AM-5-00 PM. 

7. For the movement of their employees and vehicles, the proprietors of the Book Shops will issue identity cards to them. No separate permission from the District Administration will be required.

Following the instruction of the state government the book shops which were opened today have been shut down again until the center issued fresh guidelines to the book shops.

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