Famous Indian Female Engineers who paved the way for others

Famous Indian Female Engineers
Famous Indian Female Engineers

Famous Indian Female Engineers: Meet the extraordinary women who defied societal norms and blazed a trail for future generations in India's engineering landscape. These remarkable women engineers inspire future generations, demonstrating that with determination and passion, there are no limits to what can be achieved in engineering. Their stories underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion in the field, and on International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate their indomitable spirit and invaluable contributions. Join us in honoring these trailblazers!

Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha 

In a time when gender biases held sway, Ayyalasomayajula Lalitha's determination led her to become the first woman to enroll at the College of Engineering (COE) in Chennai, back in 1940. Graduating as an electrical engineer in 1944, she became a beacon of hope for countless aspiring women engineers.

Leelamma George Koshie

Leelamma George Koshie achieved a remarkable feat by earning her civil engineering degree at the young age of 19 from COE Guindy in 1944. She became Kerala's first woman engineer and expanded her horizons by studying town planning in England.

PK Thressia

PK Thressia joined the civil engineering course at COE Guindy a year after Lalitha. Graduating in 1944, she broke barriers by becoming the first and only woman to hold the esteemed position of chief engineer in a Public Works Department in Asia.

Rajeshwari Chatterjee

Rajeshwari Chatterjee, driven by her passion for mathematics and physics, became Karnataka's first woman engineer. Her journey led her to earn a Ph.D. in electrical engineering in the United States, and in 1953, she stood as the sole female professor in her department at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science.

Anuradha TK

Anuradha TK made history as the first woman satellite project director at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Her dedication to satellite launches played a pivotal role in advancing India's space programs.

Shakuntala Bhagat

Shakuntala Bhagat, a prominent female civil engineer, founded Quadricon, renowned for designing 200 bridges worldwide. Her innovative bridge systems revolutionized design, and she was honored as the Woman Engineer of the Year in 1993.

Ila Ghose

Ila Ghose, West Bengal's first Indian woman engineer, embarked on a career as a lecturer at various universities. Her expertise led UNESCO to approach her to establish Mahila Polytechnic in Dhaka, Bangladesh, furthering women's education in engineering.

Sudhira Das

Sudhira Das pursued her passion for mathematics and became Odisha's first woman engineer. She founded Women's Polytechnic in Bhubaneswar, providing women access to technical education.

Tessy Thomas

Tessy Thomas played a pivotal role in the design and development of ballistic missiles at the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in 1988, showcasing her exceptional engineering prowess and dedication to India's defense.

Famous Indian Female Engineers
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Famous Indian Female Engineers
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Famous Indian Female Engineers
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