Which State does Delhi Belong to? What are New Delhi, NCT, and NCR?

Confused between New Delhi, NCT, and NCR, etc? Here's what you need to know.


People frequently wonder which state exactly Delhi belongs to because of its partial statehood and the dual system of government. The answer to that is, Delhi is a UT in India. It is not a state. And it does not belong to any state. It is a distinct state in itself. But New Delhi is part of Delhi, and it is the national capital of India.

We are all aware that Delhi is an Indian Union Territory. It is officially referred to as Delhi's National Capital Territory (NCT). But it is important to note that despite having a separate elected government, the Indian government also has some authority in Delhi. That is because the national capital of India, New Delhi, is situated within this region. 

Except for matters pertaining to law enforcement, public order, and land, the Delhi Legislative Council has the authority to enact laws on all of the State List and Concurrent List items. The central government of India has authority over these three areas. In November 2017, the Central Government informed the Supreme Court of India that Delhi belonged to all Indian citizens, not just Delhi residents.

In recent years, the NCT of Delhi has expanded beyond its original boundaries. Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Faridabad are now considered part of Delhi. Together, these metropolitan areas form what is known as Delhi's National Capital Region (NCR). Officially, New Delhi is located within the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Further, Delhi's NCT is included in the NCR of Delhi.

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