Aditya Singh Rajput found dead at his home: Untimely demise of the actor shocks television industry

Aditya Singh Rajput found dead at his home: Untimely demise of the actor shocks television industry

The untimely demise of actor and casting coordinator Aditya Singh Rajput has sent shockwaves through the television industry. The 32-year-old actor was found dead on Monday afternoon (May 22) in the bathroom of his apartment in Mumbai, according to the Mumbai Police. While the exact cause of death remains unknown, preliminary reports suggest a suspected drug overdose may be involved. The actor's body has been sent for a post-mortem examination, and further investigations are underway, said an official from the Oshiwara Police Station.

Aditya Singh Rajput resided on the 11th floor of the upscale Lashkaria Heights building in the posh Oshiwara area. It was his housekeeper who discovered him unconscious in the bathroom and immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he was tragically pronounced dead. The police have filed an accidental death report (ADR) and are anxiously awaiting the results of the autopsy.

Authorities from the Oshiwara police revealed that Rajput had been residing in an apartment at Lashkaria Greenwood Apartments. On Monday around 2:30 pm, his housekeeper, who happened to live nearby, heard a disturbing noise emanating from the bathroom. Concerned, he investigated and discovered Rajput lying unconscious.

"In collaboration with the building's watchman, the housekeeper placed Rajput on his bed and promptly called a doctor from a clinic located on the ground floor. The doctor examined him and sadly found no pulse, advising immediate hospitalization. The housekeeper and watchman rushed the actor to the Jogeshwari trauma center, where doctors declared him dead. Subsequently, his body was transferred to Cooper Hospital for post-mortem examination,"
An officer said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Krishnakant Upadhyay, who is currently overseeing the investigation, expressed, "We have already initiated the inquiry and eagerly await the post-mortem report to determine the exact cause of his death." He further disclosed that Rajput had been experiencing illness in the preceding days, complaining of a cold and cough, and had been consulting a doctor for treatment. Although speculation regarding a potential drug overdose and Rajput's attendance at a party the night before has surfaced, the police are conducting a thorough investigation, exploring all possible angles. "We have filed an ADR and are examining the matter comprehensively," the senior officer stated.

As part of their inquiry, the Oshiwara police have begun recording statements from Rajput's housekeeper and the watchman who were present at the actor's residence. Additionally, they are planning to examine Rajput's mobile phone for further clues. Rajput's mother has been informed about the tragic incident and is en route to Mumbai from Delhi.

Who was Aditya Singh Rajput

Aditya Singh Rajput was well-known for his roles in television shows such as Splitsvilla 9, Rajputana, Code Red, and Yeh Hai Aashiqui, among others. He has also appeared in films such as Aadi King, Mom and Dad, and Lovers. Aside from acting, Rajput was a well-known face in commercials and worked as a casting coordinator for agencies. Many celebrities, including Suyyash Rai and Varun Sood, took to social media to express their sadness and shock at the tragic death of the talented actor. The entertainment industry mourns the loss of a promising star whose career was cut short far too soon. The investigation into Aditya Singh Rajput's death is ongoing, with authorities attempting to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident.

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