Gaanth Chapter 1: Review

Gaanth chapter 1
Gaanth chapter 1

A suspended, alcoholic, and hot-tempered police inspector is reinstated to lead a perplexing case that teeters between mass suicide, mental disorder, ritual, and homicide. 

Driven to uncover the truth, he is assisted by a talented but troubled psychiatric intern. The show masterfully creates a dark and intense atmosphere, reflecting the disturbing nature of the case. What ensues is a labyrinthine mystery that challenges their every assumption.

Review of Gaanth Chapter 1

Directed by Kanishk Varma, the series immerses us in a harrowing mystery inspired by the real-life Burari Deaths. We meet Inspector Gadar Singh (Manav Vij) at his nadir: mourning his wife's death, suspended for a failed case, and entangled in a custody battle for his daughter. Suddenly, he is thrust back into the fray, tasked with unraveling a case that could involve ritualistic mass suicide, murder, or something far more enigmatic.

The show excels at crafting a dark, intense atmosphere that mirrors the disturbing nature of the investigation. What follows is a complex and intricate puzzle. Driven by an unrelenting need to uncover the truth, Gadar navigates familiar terrain: sloppy police work, bureaucratic obstacles, and mounting pressure to quickly close the case. The series vividly portrays the gritty reality of the Jamnaa Paar district, highlighting the sway of local power dynamics and gang conflicts, adding authenticity.

One of the most captivating aspects of the show is its unique blend of crime, psychology, and gothic elements. The investigation frequently delves into the occult, with scenes in eerie graveyards and mentions of black magic. The narrative also introduces Savant Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that affects Sakshi Murmu (Monika Panwar), a brilliant yet troubled psychiatric intern who aids Gadar in his quest for the truth.

However, the storyline can sometimes become convoluted. The frequent shifts between plot points and the introduction of a mysterious hooded figure add intrigue but can also be confusing.

Manav Vij delivers a compelling performance as a flawed yet resolute cop grappling with his inner demons. Monika Panwar stands out as the marginalized intern, her neurodivergence enriching the story's social commentary.

As the series progresses, troubles escalate for both Gadar Singh and Sakshi. The season concludes with an unexpected twist concerning the hooded figure, leaving viewers questioning the true culprit and Gadar Singh's fate, effectively setting the stage for a second season. Despite its narrative shortcomings, the series offers a gritty and suspenseful viewing experience.

About the cast & where you can watch 

Available on: Jiocinema

Cast: Manav Vij, Saloni Batra, Monika Panwar, Anshul Sharma Ansh.

Director:  Kanishk Verma

Gaanth chapter 1
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