Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023

Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023
Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023

Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023: November is here, and Amazon Prime is set to grace your screens with a diverse array of thrilling releases across various genres. From gripping dramas to heartwarming documentaries and side-splitting comedies, the streaming giant promises a month of pure entertainment. Let's delve into the exciting lineup of new releases hitting Prime Video this November.

  1. P.I. Meena - Premieres November 3

P.I. Meena kicks off the month with a gripping thriller. Tanya Maniktala leads a stellar cast in this series about a troubled private investigator navigating a mysterious world. Premiering on November 3, the show unfolds in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.

  1. Rainbow Rishta - Premieres November 7

Celebrating queer love in India, Rainbow Rishta debuts on November 7. This groundbreaking docuseries delves into six inspiring real stories of love, portraying protagonists who overcome odds to fulfill their dreams.

  1.  Knuckle Girl - Now Streaming

This action-crime series follows a determined female boxer risking it all to rescue her sister from a criminal gang. With an intense plot and strong performances, Knuckle Girl is a must-watch currently available on Prime Video.

  1. Romancero Season 1 - Premieres November 3

Starring Alba Flores and Belén Cuesta, Romancero introduces a horror series that follows the journey of Cornelia and Jordán fleeing from law and supernatural creatures. The chilling first season arrives on November 3 in English and Hindi.

  1. Invincible Season 2 - Premieres November 3

Mark Grayson's journey continues in Invincible Season 2, where he grapples with betrayal and apocalyptic threats. Premiering on November 3, the series promises new allies and Mark's struggle with his own fears, available in multiple languages.

  1.  Los Billis - Premieres November 3

Los Billis unfolds the true story of Bogota’s notorious teenage gangs, leaving a lasting impact on Colombian pop culture. Created by Daniel Ayala López and Diego Ayala López, the drama series premieres on November 3.

  1.  007: Road to a Million - Premieres November 17

Embark on a reality show journey with 007: Road to a Million, where nine individuals compete for a life-altering £1,000,000 prize. Inspired by James Bond, they face thrilling tasks to uncover buried questions worldwide.

  1. Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl - Premieres November 14

Comedian Trevor Wallace takes the stage in his first Amazon Original stand-up special, Trevor Wallace: Pterodactyl. Produced by Amazon Studios, this comedy extravaganza releases on November 14.

  1. Bihter - Premieres November 16

A modern adaptation of the classic Turkish novel, Bihter is a Turkish romantic drama that explores the complexities of love. Releasing on November 16, the series is set to captivate audiences with its emotional narrative.

  1.  Twin Love Season 1 - Premieres November 17

Hosted by TV stars Brie and Nikki Garcia, Twin Love is a social dating experiment exploring the love lives of identical twins. The unique and compelling search for love begins streaming on November 17.

  1. Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story - Premieres November 17

Delve into the life of the multi-talented Tyler Perry in the documentary Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story. Premiering on November 17, the film provides a poignant portrayal of Perry's challenging journey to success.

  1. Your Christmas or Mine 2 - Premieres November 24

The sequel to the British holiday film is here! Your Christmas or Mine 2 unravels the fate of Hayley and Hubert's relationship during another turbulent family Christmas. Get ready for laughs and heartwarming moments on November 24.

  1. Elf Me - Premieres November 24

Join Trip, the unconventional elf, in this heartwarming comedy. Elf Me explores the value of friendship as Trip and Elia embark on a journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas. The film releases on November 24.

  1. Jinny’s Kitchen: Team Building - Premieres November 12

V from BTS, along with Korean actors Park Seo-Joon and Choi Woo-Shik, team up in Jinny’s Kitchen: Team Building. This delightful variety show follows their culinary adventures as they craft Korean street food specialties. The show begins streaming on November 12.

  1. BTS: Yet to Come Concert - Premieres November 9

Mark your calendars for a spectacular event! On November 9, BTS: Yet to Come Concert launches worldwide on Prime Video, capturing the electrifying performance in Busan, South Korea, drawing an audience of around 50,000 fans.

  1. Congrats My Ex - Premieres November 16

Congrats My Ex marks the first Indo-Thailand collaboration film, offering a romantic comedy that unfolds the roller coaster journey of unexpected reunions during a lavish wedding in Thailand. The film releases on November 16.

  1. Takeshi’s Castle - Now Streaming

The beloved 1980s Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle is back with an Indian twist! Bhuvan Bam provides lively commentary in this Hindi version, exclusively streaming on Prime Video.

  1. Boyz 4 - Premieres November 17

Boyz 4 is a Marathi movie about Kabir and his friends facing unexpected twists in their lives. The film, starting November 17, promises a tale of friendship, challenges, and laughter.

Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023
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Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023
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Latest Amazon Prime Releases for November 2023
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