Malayalam Films Heading to OTT: March 2024 Release Dates

we have some excellent upcoming Malayalam movies releasing on OTTs.
Malayalam Films Heading to OTT: March 2024 Release Dates
Malayalam Films Heading to OTT: March 2024 Release Dates

The Malayalam film industry has been a consistent source of captivating and engaging cinema in recent years. With the emergence of OTT platforms, the accessibility and popularity of Malayalam movies have soared even higher. As January unfolds, anticipation mounts for several highly awaited upcoming Malayalam films on OTT platforms, such as "Maharani" and "Madhura Manohara," poised to captivate audiences. Fans of Malayalam cinema are eagerly anticipating these releases and are eager to discover the cinematic treasures these films hold in store. 

List of Malayalam movies releasing in OTT with dates:

  • Bramayugam

A fleeing singer seeking refuge from slavery discovers sanctuary in a mysterious, enchanted abode belonging to a charismatic individual. However, the atmosphere takes a sinister turn when he uncovers malevolent forces lurking within, culminating in a gripping and intense showdown.

IMDb rating – 8.4

Streaming on – SonyLiv

Starring – Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan

Bramayugam OTT Release Date – March 15th

  • Manjummel Boys

When Sarah disappears within the treacherous Guna Caves, her friends refuse to abandon her. Despite warnings about the caves' dangers, they embark on a perilous mission to retrieve her. Journeying through dense forests and confronting their own fears, they press on with unwavering resolve. As they venture deeper into the caves, they encounter trials that strain their friendship and courage. Yet, with unyielding determination and solidarity, they persist, committed to rescuing Sarah from the darkness threatening to engulf her.

IMDb rating – 8.7

Streaming on – Disney+Hotstar

Starring – Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese

Manjummel Boys OTT Release Date –  TBA

  • Madanolsavam

At the heart of the film lies a tale of a man who defies all odds, courageously facing his exceptional circumstances to seize control of his destiny. This inspirational narrative unveils the unwavering spirit of the protagonist, who refuses to succumb to limitations, emerging as a symbol of resilience and empowerment.

IMDb rating – 7.2

Where to watch – To Be Announced

Cast – Suraj Venjaramoodu, Babu Antony, Rajesh Madhavan

Madanolsavam OTT Release Date – To Be Announced

  • Maharani

In Cherthala, a girl mysteriously disappears, prompting her family to task her boyfriend with a one-day ultimatum to locate her. The film unravels as he races against time to find her within the tight deadline, uncovering unexpected twists and turns along the way.

IMDb rating – 8.4

Where to watch – HR OTT

Cast – Shine Tom Chacko, Roshan Mathew, Johny Antony

Maharani OTT Release Date – March 2024


Which Malayalam movie is coming out in February 2024?


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Which OTT platform has latest movies?


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Is Abraham Ozler released in Ott?


Following its cinematic release, eager fans awaited the film's arrival on the digital platform, and now, the OTT release date and streaming platform have been officially revealed. In a recent update, it has been announced that 'Abraham Ozler' will make its digital premiere on Disney+Hotstar, starting on March 20, 2024.

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