Scariest Horror Shows and Movies to Stream Right Now on Netflix

Get Ready to Be Spooked All Year Round
Scariest Horror Shows and Movies to Stream Right Now on Netflix
Scariest Horror Shows and Movies to Stream Right Now on Netflix

Scariest Horror Shows and Movies to Stream Right Now on Netflix: Fear enthusiasts, this one's for you! Whether it's the dead of winter or the height of summer, the thrill of a good scare is always in season. Devotees of horror films and TV series know the exhilaration of spine-tingling content, ranging from bone-chilling encounters to existential terrors that leave us questioning reality. From eerie classics to new releases, prepare to delve into a nightmarish world of horror.

Your Guide to the Most Frightening Entertainment From twisted horror-comedies to iconic supernatural tales, these are the top picks that will send shivers down your spine. To make your viewing choices a bit easier (and your nights a lot scarier), we've compiled the 19 scariest streaming options available right now.

  1. "Apostle" Gareth Evans' 

"Apostle" unravels a tale of Thomas Richardson's quest to save his kidnapped sister, leading him to a remote Welsh island with sinister secrets. With a touch of cult horror reminiscent of "Midsommar" and "The Wicker Man," the film stars Dan Stevens and Lucy Boynton, offering unsettling violence and an eerie atmosphere.

  1. "Cam" 

Isa Mazzei's "Cam" delves into the disturbing journey of camgirl Alice Ackerman, whose online identity is stolen by a malevolent doppelgänger. Based on Mazzei's own experiences, the movie crafts a haunting portrayal of the hidden world of camgirls, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

  1. "Crimson Peak" 

Edith marries the enigmatic Sir Thomas Sharpe and finds herself in a gothic mansion filled with mysteries and ghosts in this Edwardian-era England story. With an eerie ambiance and a blend of romance and horror, "Crimson Peak" paints a haunting picture of a naive woman caught in a world of secrets.

  1. "Fear Street Trilogy" 

For fans of slashers, the "Fear Street Trilogy" provides a nostalgic yet fresh experience across different time periods, featuring gruesome kills and a nod to classic horror themes. Inspired by R.L. Stine's "Fear Street" novels, the trilogy guarantees suspenseful entertainment.

  1. "Gerald’s Game" 

Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Stephen King's "Gerald’s Game" surprises with its chilling narrative and the exceptional performance of Carla Gugino. The movie showcases Flanagan's talent in transforming complex stories into haunting visual experiences, proving that even intricate tales can become horror gems.

  1. "Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities" 

Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro presents an anthology series where eight handpicked directors tackle terrifying tales with star-studded casts. From a cemetery caretaker's double life to a small-town sheriff's investigation, the series delves into the unknown and taps into our deepest fears.

  1. "In the Tall Grass" 

A collaboration between Stephen King and Joe Hill, "In the Tall Grass" immerses audiences in a twisted story as a brother and sister venture into a field, only to become trapped by an ominous force. With unexpected twists and a memorable ending, the film is a testament to King's storytelling prowess.

  1. "It" 

Stephen King's iconic tale comes to life in the 2017 adaptation, where a group of kids confront a shape-shifting clown terrorizing their town. The film delivers a nostalgic yet horrifying experience, filled with spine-tingling moments that will make you rethink circus visits.

  1. It Follows

A standout of original horror concepts, "It Follows" introduces a murderous entity transmitted through sexual encounters that relentlessly hunts its victims. With inspiration from John Carpenter's classics, the film promises an unforgettable, outlandish horror experience.

  1. "Luther: The Fallen Sun" 

Idris Elba returns as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther in a gripping chase against a gruesome serial killer. The tension-packed series explores Luther's pursuit of justice, making it a thrilling watch for fans and newcomers alike.

  1. "Midnight Mass" 

Mike Flanagan's "Midnight Mass" captivates with its intricate storytelling, exploring Catholic and Muslim ideologies while unraveling gripping mysteries. With a blend of heartbreak and horror, the series keeps viewers on edge for seven hours of riveting tension.

  1. "Raw" 

Julia Ducournau's Palme d’Or-winning debut "Raw" takes a unique approach to body horror as it follows a vegetarian student's transformation after consuming unconventional meat. The film delves into primal instincts and personal growth, offering a depth rarely seen in the genre.

  1. "Scream" 

The "Scream" TV series surprises with its addictive storylines, referencing horror classics and delivering plenty of thrills and chills. While it diverts from the film franchise, the series boasts engaging narratives that capture the essence of the original films.

  1. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 

Leatherface returns in a sequel where he battles a group of social media influencers intent on gentrifying a ghost town. The film blends horror with modern commentary, resulting in a bloody showdown between the iconic killer and the selfie-loving intruders.

  1. "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" 

Sabrina the teenage witch receives a sinister makeover in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," delving into the dark and satanic aspects of her story. With plenty of gore and occult elements, the series offers a fresh take on a beloved character.

  1. "The Haunting of Bly Manor" 

"Dani, an American au pair, navigates the eerie Bly Manor as she cares for two children. Unveiling secrets of the past, the series blends paranormal events with personal trauma, creating a chilling atmosphere that delves into the darker aspects of human experience.

  1. "The Haunting of Hill House" 

Based on Shirley Jackson's classic, "The Haunting of Hill House" delivers emotional terror as it explores the haunted history of the Crain family. Mike Flanagan's adaptation modernizes the horror while maintaining the emotional depth of the original story.

  1. "The Mist" 

A small town is engulfed in a mysterious fog that conceals deadly creatures in "The Mist." Stranded in a supermarket, a group of strangers must work together to survive both the fog and the horrors lurking within.

  1. "The Ritual" 

A group of friends ventures into a Swedish forest, only to encounter unimaginable horrors in "The Ritual." This movie explores the consequences of delving into the unknown, leaving viewers with a chilling lesson on the perils of curiosity.

Scariest Horror Shows and Movies to Stream Right Now on Netflix
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Scariest Horror Shows and Movies to Stream Right Now on Netflix
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