Stream Koozhangal (Pebbles) on Sony Liv - Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Koozhangal (Pebbles)
Koozhangal (Pebbles)

Sony Liv had social media abuzz with anticipation when they released "Koozhangal" to eager viewers. Koozhangal (Pebbles) is a Tamil coming-of-age drama, marking the directorial debut of P. S. Vinothraj. The film's central characters, Velu and Ganapathy, are portrayed by Chellapandi and Karuththadaiyaan. They're joined by a talented ensemble cast, including Philip Arulodss, Banu Priya, Raniyamma, and several others.

After receiving critical acclaim at the 94th Academy Awards, Sony Liv secured the streaming rights for this remarkable film. On October 27, 2023, they unveiled it, reaffirming their commitment to showcasing bold and high-quality content from emerging creators.

Koozhangal: Plot

Ganpathy, a man fueled by alcohol and rage, sets out to retrieve his wife, who has fled an abusive home. Their naive son Velu, who has no idea how big their mission is, is going with him. As the story progresses, it is clear that Ganpathy is adamant about winning back his wife's love, despite the risks of the journey. He faces the toxic masculinity that drove his abusive behavior as well as his own demons as they negotiate the treacherous terrain.

Throughout their odyssey, Ganpathy and Velu encounter a diverse cast of characters, each contributing to their transformation. From a wise woman who offers them shelter to nomadic tribals who emphasize the importance of community, these encounters reshape Ganpathy's worldview. As they approach their destination, Ganpathy is overwhelmed by anxiety, fearing rejection from his wife and her family. However, upon arrival, he is met with forgiveness and compassion.

How to Stream Koozhangal on Sony Liv

  1. Download the Sony Liv OTT App or visit the Sony Liv official website for online streaming.

  2. To register as a new user, enter your email address or phone number and choose a password. Existing users can log in using their credentials.

  3. Once you have logged in, visit the homepage to view the newest films that the OTT service has to offer.

  4. To obtain information quickly, enter "Koozhangal" into the search bar.

  5. Click "Play Now" to start watching the movie in your chosen language.

Koozhangal Film Details

  • Movie Name: Koozhangal

  • Director: PS Vinothraj

  • Written By: PS Vinothraj

  • Starring: Chellapandi And Karuththadaiyaan

  • Genre: A Captivating Coming-of-Age Drama

  • Release Date: February 4, 2021

  • OTT Platform: Sony Liv

  • OTT Release Date: October 27, 2023

Koozhangal Behind the scenes

  • Music Directors: The Enchanting Yuvan Shankar Raja

  • Cinematography: Visual Poetry by Vignesh Kumulai

  • Editor: Raja Arumugam

  • Producers: Visionaries Vignesh Shivan And Nayanthara

  • Production Company: The Trailblazing Rowdy Pictures

FAQs related to Koozhangal

  1. When was Koozhangal released? 

Koozhangal premiered in theaters on February 4, 2021, and became available on Sony Liv on October 27, 2023.

  1. Who directed Koozhangal? 

Koozhangal was both written and directed by Ps. Vinothraj.

  1. Who are the main cast members of Koozhangal? 

Chellapandi and Karuththadaiyaan play the central roles in the movie.

  1. What genre does Koozhangal belong to? 

Koozhangal is a compelling coming-of-age drama.

  1. Where can I watch Koozhangal? 

Koozhangal is currently streaming on Sony Liv.

  1. Which streaming platform secured the rights to Koozhangal? 

Sony Liv acquired the rights to Koozhangal.

  1. When did Koozhangal debut on Sony Liv? 

Koozhangal premiered on Sony Liv on October 27, 2023, two and a half years after its initial release.

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