Who is Ashish Vidyarthi's first wife Rajoshi Barua who starred in popular show TV show Imlie

Who is Ashish Vidyarthi's first wife Rajoshi Barua who starred in popular show TV show Imlie

In the glitzy world of Bollywood, the spotlight often shines on actors, their relationships, and their personal lives. Recently, the news of Bollywood villain Ashish Vidyarthi's second marriage has been making waves. Amidst the curiosity surrounding this event, many are eager to know about his first wife, Rajoshi Barua, also known as Rajoshi Vidyarthi or Piloo. Let's take a closer look at the life and accomplishments of this talented individual who has made her mark in the entertainment industry.

Who is Rajoshi Barua?

Rajoshi Barua is not just a mere spectator of the industry; she herself has actively participated in it. As an actress and singer, she has showcased her talents on various platforms. Moreover, Rajoshi has also been involved in theater performances, where she has captivated audiences with her acting prowess and melodic voice.

Despite their separation, Rajoshi still retains the surname "Vidyarthi" on her Instagram profile, a testament to the connection she shares with Ashish Vidyarthi. Through her social media posts, she offers glimpses into her personal and professional lives, sharing cherished moments with her family and friends.

Born in West Bengal, Rajoshi pursued her higher education at Jadavpur University, specializing in Economics. She hails from a family with a strong entertainment background. Her mother, Shankutla Barua, is a well-known actress, adding to the artistic lineage within the family. Rajoshi also has a sister named Arita Baruah, further highlighting the creative influences that shaped her upbringing.

Rajoshi and Ashish Vidyarthi share a beautiful son named Arth, who has recently graduated from college. Despite their separation, both parents proudly attended their son's graduation ceremony, reflecting a cordial and supportive relationship.

Before making her foray into the world of films, Rajoshi embarked on a career as a radio jockey. For approximately three years, she honed her skills behind the microphone, captivating listeners with her charismatic voice. However, her passion for acting led her to explore new avenues, eventually leading her to the silver screen. In 2019, she made her film debut, marking the beginning of her cinematic journey. Rajoshi then ventured into the television industry, leaving her mark on popular TV serials such as "Suhani Si Ek Ladki" and "Imli," where her talent and versatility shone through.

Apart from her acting pursuits, Rajoshi is also deeply involved in theater, where she continues to showcase her multifaceted talents as a dancer and singer. Her expertise in singing has garnered praise and admiration from audiences and critics alike.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Rajoshi is also recognized for her philanthropic efforts. She is the founder of an NGO called Chhutir Pathshala, headquartered in Mumbai. The organization focuses on supporting non-Bengali individuals and actively engages in various charitable activities, making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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