Zwigato Movie Review: Analysis of the script and performance

Mixed reviews about Kapil Sharma's film "Zwigato" continues.
Zwigato Movie Review: Analysis of the script and performance

Nandita Das and Samir Patil have crafted a poignant tale of a destitute man navigating life's struggles, that exhibits moments of exquisite beauty. However, certain scenes, such as the portrayal of a timid Muslim delivery person who hesitates to enter a temple to deliver food and a job applicant who faces rejection due to their social class, detract from the film's strengths. Although the director’s decision to include such scenes was commendable, they do impede the story's already sluggish pacing. 

In the trailer, it seems as if Kapil would stand in for the entire working class. Sadly though, the story tries to address too many societal issues, which causes it to spread itself too thin and ultimately fail to achieve a unified focus. Fortunately, the cinematographer, Ranjan Palit, skillfully captures the dim and narrow alleys that mirror the character's despondent mindset in the city of Bombay.

Zwigato Movie Review: Performances and writing

Between being a complete miscasting and giving a remarkable portrayal of the character, Kapil Sharma's performance vacillates. While his personal background adds a layer of relatability to Manas' innocent nature, his reputation as a "comedy master" occasionally impedes his acting abilities. At times, his acting feels more like a facade than a natural display of emotion.

Shahana Goswami's performance, on the other hand, is unequivocally excellent. Her portrayal of Pratima is unparalleled, leaving no room for doubt that she was the ideal choice for the role. However, it is possible that Nandita Das could have written a more nuanced and compelling character for Goswami to inhabit.

The fact that celebrities like Kapil Sharma are open to exploring these film genres is ultimately a bright spot, but mastering these tales will require much more than an actor's willingness.

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