9 crores a month looted by Coal Syndicate at Joighopa

9 crores a month looted by Coal Syndicate at Joighopa

At least Rs 9 crores a month is being looted by the coal syndicate of Joghighopa, Bongaigaon while transporting the coal to West Bengal from Garo Hills of Meghalaya.

This has been confirmed by the Coal Traders of West Bengal and Meghalaya as well as some o the honest police officials of Assam and West Bengal

What is the modus operandi?

The syndicate is a tightly controlled ring of transporters and policemen who refuse to give the transportation facilities or use police forces of both West Bengal and Assam Police to harass  unless you pay them at a fixed rate and avail the  uninterrupted service to the West Bengal Border.  The money is collected primarily in the name of West Bengal police management.

What is the Syndicate service?

Pay Rs 8500 per truck, you get the protection in the National highway all the way to the delivery point of West Bengal,  easy  interstate crossing and district police management between delivery and pick up point. .

What is the economics?

Rs 8500 per truck x  350 trucks daily trucks =  Rs 29,75,000 collection per day.

Per Month :  Rs 29.75 lakh x 30 days = Rs 8.92 rores per month

What is the share?

Police – 30%

Administration – 20%

Syndicate members – 45%


Who runs it?

In the West Bengal side it is run by Jeevan Saha and in Jogighopa side by Garo Bhaity.  They are in network with Assam BJP leaders from top to District level , Assam Police, West Bengal Police and Trinamool leders of West Bengal.

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