Amazon Fire: Brazilian Prez Criticizes Protection Policies

Amazon Fire: Brazilian Prez Criticizes Protection Policies

It has been three weeks for Amazon rainforest fire andBrazilian President Jair Bolsanaro is criticizing his country's indigenousprotection policies, which he says are used by outside forces to limit Brazil'seconomy and give excessive amounts of land to tribes.

Bolsanaro on Tuesday met governors of states in theAmazon region to discuss the fires in the region and listened to themcomplaining about indigenous reserves, saying that they impede development.

Bolsanaro said that many reserves are located strategicallyand said that someone arranged this. The President, however, didn't specifywhat outside forces might be involved.

Bolsanaro further stated that the indigenous peoples don'tspeak their language but they have managed to get 14 percent of their nationalterritory saying that one of the intentions of this is to impair us.

President Bolsonaro has repeatedly pushed for opening moreindigenous lands for agriculture and mining, saying that it would benefit thepeople living there.

He also said that Brazil will not accept an offer ofinternational aid to fight Amazon fires if French leader Emmanuel Macronretracts comments that he finds offensive.

Moreover, the group of seven nations has pledged $12million to help fight the flames in the Amazon and protect the rainforest, inaddition to a separate $12 million from Britain and $11 million from Canada.

A group of seven offer of international aid to fightAmazon wildfires has been rejected by Brazil while French President EmmanuelMacron is shrugging off the snub.

Macron put the Amazon fires high on the agenda of theG-7 summit in France, where world powers pledged this week some $40 million tofight and plant new trees because of the Amazon's importance to the globalclimate.

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