Fani: ISRO’s 5 Satellites Saved People

Fani: ISRO’s 5 Satellites Saved People

About 11.5 lakh people were saved safely from Cyclone Fani in Odisha. This was just because the Indian space agency ISRO's satellites had already warned. Reportedly, they were giving new information to the Ground station every 15 minutes.

Due to the warning and forecast of ISRO, nearly 10,000 villages and 52 urban areas of Odisha could be saved safely. More than 5000 shelters have been made.

ISRO had deployed 5 satellites for this purpose. ISRO's Insat-3D, Insat-3DR, Scatsat-1, Oceansat-2 and Megha Tropics satellites continually tracked Odisha. If they did not recognize the storm at times, then the situation might have worsened.

American media have also praised ISRO. The New York Times has written that after the warning of ISRO, the Indian government made a good plan. The Washington Post said that due to the sensitivity of ISRO and the government, great catastrophe became smaller.

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