Students Cross River in Plastic Bags For School

Students Cross River in Plastic Bags For School

Educationis one of the major tools in one's life and this has been proved by aVietnamese boy who has crossed the Nam Ma River in Vietnam by wrapping himselfinto a plastic bag in order to reach school dry.

Fathershave been forced to put their children in plastic bags and drag them across aflooded river so they can go to school.

It hasbeen reported that about 50 children from the Huoi Hai Village in north-westVietnam have to cross the Nam Ma River to get to school every day. The studentsgenerally rely on a makeshift bamboo raft which their dads pull across theriver.

But dueto the increasing level of water due to heavy rains, it becomes difficult forthe students to cross the River due to the fast rapids and therefore the fatherdecided to put their children into large plastic bags and carry them across thedangerous stream.

But thelocal community chief found the solution deemed too dangerous.

Chairmanof the Na Sang Commune, Vang A Po said that they have warned local residents oflatent risks to travel through the stream by plastic bags but the swift-flowingwater can also sweep rafts away, so they have to choose this way.

It wasalso informed that earlier, a local was injured in a capsized raft here.

Moreover,head of the Huoi Ha Village, Vo Giong said that the river is very dangerous andthat he hopes that the state will invest in suspension on bridges soon forpeople to travel more conveniently.

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