Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Reconnects Finally After 6 Hours Of Disruption

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After a massive outage of 6 hours, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram finally reconnected to the global internet late on Tuesday.

The outage paralyzed the social media platform on Monday night.

According to a report, Facebook’s share price has been walloped by the recent global outage, stripping billions out of company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal fortune.

Business publication Forbes reported that Zuckerberg has lost US 5.9 billion dollars off the back of the global outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

This still leaves Zuckerberg with a fortune of around US117 billion dollars.

Facebook is now back online, but the company’s share price slipped 4.8 per cent off the back of the outage.

Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram apps went dark at around noon Eastern time (1600 GMT) in what website monitoring group Downdetector said was the largest such failure it had ever seen, stated the report.

According to a report from PTI, around 5:45 pm ET, some Facebook users began to regain partial access to the three social media platforms.

The report said the outage was the second blow to the social media giant after a whistleblower on Sunday accused the company of repeatedly prioritizing profit over clamping down on hate speech and misinformation.

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