Garchuk: Man Attempts Suicide Climbing Electric Post

A soul stirring incident took place at Garchuk of Guwahati where a man tried to commit suicide climbing up an electric post.

The man who tried to commit suicide climbing the electric post is believed to be a resident of Hajo.

As per sources, the locals of Garchuk suspected of attempt to suicide after seeing the man climb the electric post. The man stayed up at the electric post since the evening of Sunday, said locals.

Power Minister Bimal Bora visited the place on Sunday night to take note of the incident after which SRDF team and Garchuk Police successfully rescues the man and brought him down from the electric post.

Meanwhile, the man is with the Garchuk Police at the Police Station.

Notably, Minister Bimal Bora drove to the incident scene by himself. He also took the rescued man with him in his car and handed over safely to the Garchuk Police.

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