Anurag Chaliha Pleads Innocence Before Police In Indrani Tahbildar's Death

Anurag Chaliha told the police that Abhimanyu used to flex his connections with top Assam Police officials and top ministers in the state government and threatened him in their name.
Anurag Chaliha was interrogated by the police today
Anurag Chaliha was interrogated by the police today

Anurag Chaliha, the prime accused in the death of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Kisan Morcha Secretary Indrani Tahbildar, pleaded innocence before the police during his interrogation on Tuesday and shifted the blame of the entire incident on another person altogether.

A member of BJP Kisan Morcha, Anurag Chaliha is accused of leaking intimate pictures of him with BJP Kisan Morcha Secretary Indrani Tahbildar after which the latter committed suicide. During his interrogation today revealed explosive facts.

This comes after Anurag Chaliha was apprehended at Demow in Sivasagar on Monday by a team of Guwahati Police and Sivasagar Police and subsequently brought to the Chandmari PS.

In his confession to the police, Anurag Chaliha said that another man named Abhimanyu Das is the main person behind the death of Indrani Tahbildar. Pleading his innocence, Anurag Chaliha told that the police's investigation should focus on Abhimanyu.

According to Chaliha's expose, Abhimanyu had physically and mentally harassed and abused the deceased Indrani Tahbildar at a locked hotel room in Meghalaya's Nongpoh and also blackmailed her.

He said that Abhimanyu was trying to pressure Indrani to withdraw her candidature for the Barpeta constituency ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next year.

Abhimanyu was seeking the backing that Indrani Tahbildar had and the support of Amin Chakraborty's faction, who is the nephew of a top RSS leader, said the detained Anurag Chaliha.

In addition, Abhimanyu was also pressuring Indrani Tahbildar's faction into giving him the position of President of Barpeta Kisan Morcha, Chaliha revealed.

He said that Abhimanyu Das threatened Indrani Tahbildar to leak her intimate pictures with Anurag on the internet if she did not give in to his demands. Abhimanyu also conspired to force a sexual relationship with Indrani, Anurag told the police.

Moreover, Anurag said that Abhimanyu had threatened to kill both of them if these things were to come out in the open.

Abhimanyu also allegedly digitally transferred the intimate pictures and videos of Anurag with women other than Indrani to his laptop. The same objectionable picture which led to Indrani committing suicide was one he had leaked to other party workers through WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, officials informed that Chaliha also named a BJP MLA in his confession. Chaliha told the police that even he was being blackmailed by Abhimanyu who demanded several lakhs to make the intimate pictures go away. He had also threatened to shut all operations of Anurag Chaliha if he failed to pay the demanded money.

Anurag Chaliha told the police that Abhimanyu used to flex his connections with top Assam Police officials and top ministers in the state government and threatened him in their name. He used to introduce himself as a top mafia operative of the BJP government.

Chaliha further said that he went into hiding following Indrani's death as he had been threatened by Abhimanyu to not talk to the police or else he will be gunned down. Fearing for his life, Anurag Chaliga went into hiding in Upper Assam. After that he repeatedly changed his hiding spot when he came to know that the police was looking for him.

Opening up further before the officials, Chaliha said that he had been receiving threats from several noted BJP leaders. He was being pressured to take the fall and accept all the blame for the incident. Anurag Chaliga said that he had received threats that tf he were to open his mouth, his political ambitions would be put out.

It has come to the fore that the accused Abhimanyu Das had close ties with controversial and now expelled BJP leader Dwijen Deka.

In presence of a top police official, Anurag Chaliha recorded his statement in both audio and video format for further legal procedures. He pleaded his innocence saying that he did not have even one per cent role in the leaking of the picture that ultimately led to the suicide of Indrani Tahbildar.

Anurag Chaliha said that initially, his relationship with Indrani Tahbildar was that of a brother and sister. He was much younger to Indrani. However, as time went on, a closer relationship between the two started to manifest. He did confess to having a sexual relationship with Indrani Tahbildar, said officials.

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