Burn Care Foundation Of Nemcare Hospital Shares Data Of Burning Cases During Diwali

Burn Care Foundation Of Nemcare Hospital Shares Data Of Burning Cases During Diwali

Like all the previous years, this year too 'Burn Care Foundation', a social unit of the Nemcare Hospital organised an awareness programme on the use of firecrackers during Diwali in India. Through this programme, the foundation promoted the concept of Green Diwali and stop the use of firecrackers during the festival.

Secretary of the Burn Care Foundation Dr. Bhupen Prasad Sharma, President Dr. Hitesh Baruah and Dr. Nareshwar Sharma addressed the media on the occasion and informed how use of firecrackers during Diwali has proven to be extremely dangerous for the lives of people.

According to the data shared by Dr. Bhupen Prasad Sharma, every year out of the burning cases reported, 10 to 12 % of the cases occurs during Diwali.

Statistical data shared by Dr. BP Sharma also revealed that from 2010 to 2019, the maximum number of burning cases which is around 72.6% happened from burning firecracker which is locally called "Kolgos" in Assam. 17.4% of the burning cases caused after the use of bursting crackers, 6.7% cases caused due to the use of "Fuljhari and circular crackers" while 3.1% cases were registered of burn from earthen lamps.

The data also revealed that 75% of these burn cases during Diwali were of male. The age group falls under 20 to 40 years who are affected upto 40 to 50% burn during Diwali while using crackers.

Dr. Bhupen Prasad Sharma also revealed that children also becomes prey to these cases due to the use of firecrackers.

Additionally, Dr. Sharma and Dr. Baruah also highlighted the other issues like increasing air pollution and sound pollution during Diwali which also results in more cases of Cancer every year.

Burn Care Foundation aims to improve the burn care in Northeast India, train doctors, nurses and paramedics in burn care. It also aims to rehabilitate burn victims and to do research on improved Burn Care and also to make people aware on prevention and first aids in burns.

The First Aid in Burns

  1. Pour water on burn wounds until burning pain subsides.
  2. Do not remove burned clothes
  3. Do not apply an ointment or any other material over the burn wound
  4. Rush the injured to the hospital early

Burn Care Foundation Launches New Trust For Free Treatment Of Burning Cases

Further, the Nemcare Burn Unit under the Burn Care Foundation has also launched a new trust under which will offer free specialised treatment to the poor section of people in the Northeast region of India who are affected by burn injuries. The trust also aims to extend it's service to other cases in the future.

Dr. Bhupen Prasad Sarma who is also the secretary of the Burn Care foundation donated a sum of 10 lakhs for the new trust under the leading guidance and supervision of Dr. Nareshwar Sharma.

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