Guwahati: Sankardev Udyan, Mahavir Jain Park Are in Verge of Destruction

Guwahati: Sankardev Udyan, Mahavir Jain Park Are in Verge of Destruction

The scenic beauty of Srimanta Sankardev Udyan in Bharalumukh and Mahavir Jain Park in Fancy Bazaar in Guwahati are in the verge of destruction as parts of these two parks are barricaded with tins for some construction purpose.

The local residents of Bharalumukh, Santipur and Fancy Bazaar area in Guwahati also staged protest against the construction purpose undertaken by the administration in the bank of the River Brahmaputra saying that it will destroy the scenic beauty of the parks.

The parks are being used by the senior citizens for morning walk and now that it has been barricaded with tins, it has become difficult for them do their daily activities. "The park was established in the memory of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva but with the new construction the dignity of the park will be destroyed. We can't let the administration to destroy the landscape of the park," said local residents while speaking to Pratidin Time.  

Protest by locals to save Sankardev Udyan

Notably, the Public Works Department, Kamrup (M) district administration and Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) have taken up the project for construction of bus stoppages in the said area. According to a highly placed official of the administration, the Bharalumukh bus stoppage and Fancy Bazaar bus stoppage will be extended and will cover the particular area of both the parks.

Meanwhile, another construction work has been carried out without the consent of the local people or organizations. According to reports, construction work of a connecting bridge with the Bharalumukh-North Guwahati Bridge has been carried out from Kachomari Ghat in Fancy Bazaar.

Allegations have also been made that the government has not revealed the actual design of the bridge over Brahmaputra connecting North Guwahati from Bharalumukh. It was said that the bridge will be constructed from Sonaram Field in Bharalumukh but now it has been seen that the bridge has been constructed from the side of Sankardeva Udyan for which the bus stoppage will be extended which will result to massive traffic jam.

The construction of the bus stoppage will now hamper the scenic beauty enjoyed by the local residents from the park. Allegations have also been made by the residents that the government has occupied both the sides of Brahmaputra for multilevel car parking. But the question arise as will it actually be helpful for the people as the earlier constructed multi-level car parking in Fancy Bazaar has remained showpiece.

It may also be mentioned that at the time when the government proposed the name of Sankardev Udyan for cremation of Bhupen Hazarika, people opposed the decision as it would have lost the dignity of the park and with the suggestion of AASU and other organizations, the Gauhati University has donated the land at Jalukbari.

Now the question is, when people who are in much love with Bhupen Hazarika have not allowed cremating his body at the park premises, how can they allow the government to construct the bus stoppage at the same place which would affect the park's beauty?

It is very unfortunate that the said departments are carrying the construction work without the consent of the people and they also refused to talk to media persons while asked about it. The officials also misbehaved with our reporter when they tried to capture photos of the construction site and also compelled him to delete the photos.

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