All flight down from Wednesday

All flight down from Wednesday

There will be no flight from  Wednesday as Government in a gigantic decision stopped civil aviation which means no one can travel from any parts of India anywhere as all means of communication has been stopped.

The idea is to stop the spread of the virus by snapping the travel. Already international travel and train travel beside passenger interstate bus has been snapped.

The health authorities welcome that of this week-long lockdown hold and can rescue the curve of people getting affected, India may win the battle.

Airlines have to plan operations so as to land at theirdestination before 11.59 pm on Tuesday, the government said. Only cargo flightswill be allowed.

The government's announcement came as the number of coronavirus cases rose to 415 on Monday. There have been eight deaths. Scientists and experts have warned of an explosion of COVID-19 cases in a country like India – the world's second most populated – if drastic measures are not taken, including lockdown and ban on public transport.

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