Coronavirus: Death Toll Rises to 106 in China

Coronavirus: Death Toll Rises to 106 in China
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Thenumber of total confirmed cases of Coronavirus in China rose up to 4,515 as ofJanuary 27 which was up from 2,835 a day earlier.

Thespring semester for schools and universities across the country has beenpostponed on Tuesday due to the deadly virus outbreak.

TheChina government has decided to postpone the exam as the death toll from thenew coronavirus soared to 106 and the total number of cases surpassed 4000nationwide.

Thestudents in China are currently under holiday for the Lunar New Year and theministry of education has not provided a date for teaching to resume andaccording to a statement issued by the ministry, it said that the teachinginstitutions would reopen on a case-by-case basis.

Moreover,travel restrictions have been tightened and wearing masks in public is nowmandatory in some cities.

Thecity of Wuhan is at the epicenter of the outbreak but it has spread acrossChina and internationally.

Thevirus causes acute respiratory infection and there is no specific cure orvaccine and most of the deaths have been of elderly people or those withpre-existing respiratory problems.

Onthe other hand, three persons in New Delhi, suspected of being affected byCoronavirus have been kept under observation at an isolation ward of RamManohar Lohia (RML) Hospital, said a hospital authority, while quoted by newsagency ANI.

MedicalSuperintendent of RML Hospital said that three suspected cases of coronavirushave been reported at the hospital and the patients have been kept in isolationfor further treatment. She said, "The three men aged between 24 and 48 wereadmitted on Monday and their samples have been sent for testing."

TillMonday, a total of 33,552 passengers arriving in India from China in 155flights have been screened.

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