COVID-19: Trump’s Call To Reopen Schools Sparks Controversy

COVID-19: Trump’s Call To Reopen Schools Sparks Controversy
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President Donald Trump's appeal to the governors and mayors of his country to bring students back to classrooms full time in autumn that comes between summer and winter has reportedly evoked mixed responses. Recently, POTUS remarked in this regard, "The dad wants it. The kids want it. It's time to do it."

While there are many experts who support Trump's call keeping in mind the psychological and emotional costs of confining children to their homes for a long time, there are many who opine that reopening of physical classrooms may spawn fresh outbreaks of the virus.

Trump Administration, so far, hasn't offered any concrete proposals with regard to helping the schools maintain the safety protocols necessitated by the pandemic, as per NYT.

Some senators including the Republican representative Marco Rubio have demanded government funding to help schools in the USA reopen amidst the fears generated by the contagion.    

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